5 Things You Must Pack Before Traveling


Packing evokes two distinct reactions among people: it can be a delightful process that stirs excitement for the adventure ahead, or it can become the most exasperating aspect when preparing for an extended journey.

In either case, the task of packing demands careful consideration of the weather, planned activities, and the adventures that await, potentially leaving you feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

The frustration of realising you forgot to include your versatile utility trousers that go with everything as you’re about to board the plane can be both annoying and stress-inducing. This highlights the importance of creating a comprehensive list and identifying the essentials to pack before setting off on your expedition.

Although forgetting your favourite men’s graphic tee isn’t the end of the world before you embark on your travels, there will be countless markets where you can buy one-of-a-kind items, but there are items that you simply can’t forget. In this article, I will discuss which five items are crucial and why.


This may appear to be the most obvious item to pack, but it is important to make sure it’s one of the first things you pack and keep safe, as you won’t get very far without it. Ensure your passport is up-to-date with at least 6 months left on it before it expires.

A tip to ensure you never panic thinking “Oh no, where is my passport”, You need to keep it in the same zip pocket in the same bag every time. This will avoid any panic, and you will instantly feel more comfortable while you travel.

Every place will have different regulations and rules, which means some places will need to see some ID for certain activities. It’s best to keep your passport safely tucked away, so taking another option or taking a picture on your mobile phone will avoid any silly mistakes and is a much safer option, especially if you’re out during the evenings.

Travel-Friendly Bank Card

Although ensuring you have cash currency withdrawn, it’s best to have a Monzo card or a bank that doesn’t charge an exchange fee, with cash as a backup just in case, as not all places will accept cards and can be cash-only.

Monzo, like other selected banks, is a travel-friendly bank that doesn’t charge foreign currency transaction fees, and it can be used easily with a tap of your phone.

Pad Lock

Leaving your luggage while you’re out exploring can be daunting and scary, but if you take the right safety precautions, there will be nothing to worry about. Investing in a 4-number code padlock will allow you to leave your things behind safely.

Stay Charged

We all know that sinking feeling when your phone runs out of battery when you’re out traveling, and with the world going from paper to digital, having a charge on your phone is crucial.

Keep one step ahead by investing in a quality, lightweight portable charger. You shouldn’t run into a stressful situation running to find a charger in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, pack all your wires together in a separate bag to avoid losing or misplacing them in a bag full of clothes.

This should remind you of how to charge the charger if only there was a universal plug, but unfortunately, adapters are a must for ever-traveling digital nomads. Stock up on at least two or three adapters so you have the freedom to style your hair while your phone is charging.

Reusable Water Bottle

This is perfect for those who are planning on doing a lot of exploring while traveling. Buying a compact or soft reusable water bottle will be convenient for those long hikes and save a lot of space in your luggage.

There are options available for your bottle to hook onto your backpack or bag, therefore saving more space and being easily accessible.

In addition, there are travel-specific bottles that include a filter. Not everywhere on your travels will have drinkable tap water so adding this in your backpack will not only save money and the planet, but it’s also so convenient that you won’t ever have to go without water.