How to Find the Best Crypto PR Agency


When it comes to finding the right cryptocurrency PR agency, your first step should be to develop a shortlist of possible agencies. Before chatting with these firms, make a list of questions to ask them. Prepare to ask them about their experience, their prior clients, their success stories, and their reviews. Consider the chemistry between you and the agency you’re considering. Considering all these aspects, you can then compare the proposals that each agency offers.

If you’re looking to hire a crypto PR agency, keep in mind that they will have a wide range of services to offer. One of the most important ones involves developing a story pitch. An experienced crypto PR agency will also have experts on hand to speak with journalists. Press releases are typically never revised, but a well-written pitch can help get your story covered. You should also check out Wachsman, one of the industry’s biggest players. The company has offices in New York, Dublin, and Singapore. Some of its clients include Cosmos, Hedera Hashgraph, and NEM.

Another way to get coverage is through localization. A blockchain PR agency will make it easier for your crypto project to be read by the public in different languages. Localized content can make it more appealing to users and investors. To increase the chances of attracting attention from mainstream users, a crypto PR agency can produce and distribute promotional videos that explain the features of their projects. These videos can be circulated through social media channels or video hosting platforms like YouTube.

Another option is word of mouth. If your friends and colleagues have used a certain blockchain PR agency, it’s probably a good idea to ask them for recommendations. Word of mouth is one of the most credible sources for finding a credible organization, and 92% of consumers will believe a recommendation from a friend. By asking around, you can find the best blockchain PR agency. And you’ll never go wrong if you choose a company that’s highly rated by their clients.

Besides getting attention, crypto PR agencies also have a clear understanding of how to engage the community. For instance, a 10,000-word article won’t get any views, while an in-depth article will get a lot of backlinks and shares. The problem with this approach is that most people today don’t read entire articles. They skim through the content, looking for the most important parts of the article. This is why it’s crucial to create a compelling content strategy.

In addition to providing a solid PR strategy, a crypto PR agency also understands the human factor and will tailor the experience to your needs and goals. TokenMinds, for example, leverages its extensive Crypto Media network and specializes in creating and implementing a one-stop solution for promoting your project. Their team of crypto PR industry experts will work to increase your project’s exposure, gaining you worldwide attention. For this reason, FINN Partners has consistently received awards as the best agency to work for and a top place to work.